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Owen Wilson Parties Hard at California Hotel

Oct 17, 2007 | 12:14pm EDT

Troubled movie star Owen Wilson has rejoined Hollywood's never-ending party after attempting suicide in August.

The Wedding Crashers star was spotted drinking heavily at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, California, on Oct. 5, and fellow revelers watched as he staggered out of the place.

It was Wilson's first public outing since he was found distressed after slashing his wrists at his Santa Monica home and taken to the hospital two months ago.

He has been living a near-hermit-like existence ever since, surrounded only by concerned family members and close friends, although he did visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona at the end of September for a secret cleansing meeting with Hualapai Indian elders, who live at the base of the famous gorge.

One Viceroy regular, who witnessed Wilson's party, tells Life & Style magazine the movie star and a friend requested the private library room at the hotel and were joined there by several more people.

The bystander says, "They had bottle service and were drinking vodka. Owen got so drunk, he stumbled when he went to leave. He could hardly walk. It was clear he'd had too much."

Meanwhile, hotel guest Jamie Brandt tells the publication, "He looked like he'd already been drinking (when he arrived). He was stumbling when he came in and literally falling down when he left."

But Wilson's representatives deny reports the actor was drunk, insisting he had just one drink.

According to Life & Style, Wilson and three friends returned to the Viceroy a week later, on Oct. 12.

A witness says, "He ordered Patron Silver tequila on the rocks...and was drinking steadily the whole time."


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