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Amy Winehouse has Breast Lump Scare

Jul 29, 2008 | 5:32am EDT

British musician Amy Winehouse has found a lump in her breast, according to reports.

Medical tests have shown that the lump is benign - but it is the latest in a string of health scares for the singer.

The hitmaker was rushed to hospital on Monday, July 28, after suffering a reaction to medication at her London home. 

Winehouse was hidden by a red blanket and transported to a waiting ambulance by wheelchair as police arrived at the scene.

The troubled singer's father Mitch tried to block the view of waiting paparazzi with a sheet and was heard shouting, "She's f'd up, she's f'd up", reports British newspaper The Sun.

The 24-year-old's spokesman Chris Goodman claimed the star was taken ill after suffering "a reaction to medication" after being diagnosed with traces of deadly lung disease emphysema in June 2008.

He says, "She was taking a new (medication) as part of her anti-drug treatment program. And it was an adverse reaction to that new drug. You have to try different things but unfortunately this was not the right one."

She was discharged from London's University College Hospital on Tuesday morning, July 29. 

Winehouse sparked fresh fears for her health this past weekend when she was snapped crying and lashing out at her bodyguard in the early hours of Sunday  morning before throwing herself on the floor.

She was then pictured punching a metal fence in frustration after her minder attempted to pick her up from the ground.


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