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Is Lindsay Lohan Joking About Being Pregnant?

Apr 02, 2013 | 8:16am EDT

Lindsay Lohan

Update: Aha! Just as we suspected, LiLo was just bein' a jokester. Lohan followed up her early morning pregnancy tweet (which seems to have since been removed from Twitter... very suspicious) with, "April Fools. Where is everyone's sense of humor?" Take pride in your tricksy ways, Linds, that's what April Fools' is all about!

Lindsay Lohan has a lot on her plate. She has been sentenced to go to rehab and seems to be trying everything in her power to avoid serving her court-ordered program (and potential jail time). But in the middle of all her drama, Lohan made an astonishing announcement on Twitter extremely early Tuesday morning. 

"Its official. Pregnant..." Lohan tweeted around 2 AM EST. 

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It was still April Fools' Day on the West Coast when Lohan shared the tweet with her fans, so it's possible — or obvious, depending on how cynical you are — that the troubled starlet was pulling a fast one on us. If not, we might be seeing a baby bump in Lohan's next mug shot. Now there's a thought. 

Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat.

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