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BuzzWatch Video: In the Days Before the Internet...

Jul 12, 2013 | 9:30am EDT

Today, all of our needs are met by one indomitable force. You want to get driving directions, pay your bills, look up Gerald Ford's birthday, start dating, order food, or argue viciously with a complete stranger about the plotholes in Dragon Ball Z? You take to the Internet. But what about in the days before the Internet? That long dead, primal era known as... the mid-'90s.

Credit: BuzzFeed

See, before we all got vacuumed up into the Wall-E spaceship that is our present day society, we did things like calling people's houses, making plans via word of mouth, and reading newspapers. The latest video from Buzzfeed highlights a few more outdated practices from this prehistoric period. Check it out, and consider how much your life has changed since the rise of the almighty web.

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