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Justin Bieber Makes Us Watch His Commercial By Setting it to 'Heartbreaker'

Jul 15, 2013 | 4:04pm EDT

Beliebers rejoice! We finally get to hear Justin Bieber's brand spankin' new song "Heartbreaker." Okay, we only get to hear a bit of the song in his promo for The Key, Bieber's latest fragrance, but it's better than nothing, right? Take a listen below!

In a new fragrance promo, the Biebs rolls up in a slick sports car before giving a lucky lady the key to his heart (aka a flask of his new perfume). So Beliebers, apparently if you spritz the Bieber-attracting The Key, you can unlock the dream of  JB being yours forever and always – are those wedding bells we hear? 

Although this fantasy seems just a little far-fetched, one of our dreams at least has come true: we hear a snippet of Bieber's upcoming tune "Heartbreaker." Bieber has teased his fans about the release of the new single for what seems like forever, so it's totally exciting to hear some of the much awaited bound-to-be-a-hit song. With a bumping beat, "Heartbreaker" sounds pretty promising. Perhaps the arrival of an awesome new Bieber track will distract us from all his wild antics… well, we can only hope!

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