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MTV to Reveal Video Music Award Nominees Via Vine and Instagram... Because They're Super Cool

Jul 16, 2013 | 12:38pm EDT

MTV will announce its Video Music Awards nominees for Video of the Year and other categories on Vine and Instagram video. First 15-second movie trailers on Instagram video, now award show nominees? What is the world coming to?

MTV worked with Khoa Phan on this "revolutionary" method of unleashing the nominees, Mashable reportsPhan, who is a renowned stop-motion animation creator, has whisked up eight pieces of VMA content. MTV will post its first video snippet at 8 AM ET, Wednesday. Then the network will reveal other nominees each hour.

In a seemingly desperate attempt to keep up with the cool kids, MTV not only made the decision to use iPhone video platforms to announce its nominees, but also relocated the VMA's to Brooklyn's hip, Jay-Z-funded Barclays Center, and redesigned the look of the Moonman award. The television network that once defined "cool" by introducing a generation to the day's hottest jams is now floundering to retain relevance. MTV, stop trying to make fetch happen. 

The VMAs will air on MTV on August 25th.

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