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BuzzWatch Video: Cute Animals Offer Relationship Advice

Jul 19, 2013 | 8:52am EDT

Relationships are tricky, even the good ones. Sometimes, we can get by on our charms and instincts. Other times, we can catch a few tips from our pals over at Reddit. But when no human brain is capable of conquering the mystery of love, we turn to a race far superior in intellect and emotional understanding: puppies.

Add kittens, frogs, sheep, and the odd baby deer to the mix, and you've got all bases covered in your romantic education. The above video from Buzzfeed employs these softspoken geniuses to give us a few helpful hints about how to make a relationship run smoothly.

Credit: BuzzFeed

Each adding in their special brand of expertise, the animals prove to us that they are, truly, the superior beings. Why do you think nearly every president in American history has kept a dog in the White House? They're the real brains...

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