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Why Does Beyonce Need £1,500 Worth of Chicken?

Aug 20, 2013 | 3:34pm EDT

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There must be a huge barbecue going on that we weren't invited to. Apparently, Queen Bey spent almost £1,500 at the chicken chain Nando's. In case you weren't exactly sure how much food that amounts to, that is 48 whole chickens, 24 tubs of coleslaw, 58 chicken wing platters and 48 portions of chips according to the receipt published on BBC News.  

What's with the chicken coop massacre? No idea. But here are five possible reasons we could think of:

1) She wanted to feel like she was in the US of A while overseas. We all get a little homesick right?

2) Beyoncé was sponsoring a competitive eating contest. 

3) Her entourage of people is much, much bigger than we imagined — which would make her way cooler than we imagined and that's really hard to imagine.

4) She's single-handedly trying to feed the entire continent of Africa. It's Beyoncé, so if anyone can do it, she can. 

5) Her second pregnancy is not just a rumor. (And she's expecting sextuplets... at least.)

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