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8 Actresses Goths Love

Sep 04, 2013 | 11:00am EDT

Evan Rachel WoodStefan Trautmann / WENN

Hollywood - and the world-at-large - loves these actresses. But these screen goddesses have something extra going for them: the goth vote. To crack the nod from the notoriously hard-to-please alternative underground is tricky. Goth kudos can come from suitably dark role choices: Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams has had an impressive shelf life that may even outlast her Smurfs 2 voiceover (don’t worry coffin kids, she’s playing Lizzie Borden next). A star can also boost goth points by pairing witchy roles with actual lifestyle choices: a Joy Division t-shirt here, a romance with Marilyn Manson there (see: Rose McGowan or Evan Rachel Wood). Or she can just wear black on the red carpet, get a bunch of tattoos and hang a little vial of blood around her neck for a while, like semi-retired dark soul Angelina Jolie.

GALLERY: 8 Actresses Goths Love

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