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The Transexy Stomp: Runways Aren't Just For Girls Anymore

Sep 08, 2013 | 12:00pm EDT

Andrej PejicFlashpoint / WENN

I know: it's hard to keep your finger on the blurring lines of human sexual identity. And why should you? Labels don't matter anymore, and the LGBTQIA acronym keeps expanding. But that "T" has been there a mighty long time. So why is the interest in Trans style suddenly peaking again?

The fashion world has always had its share of cult trans models. Stephen Sprouse's trans-muse Teri Toye caused ripples in Lower Manhattan in the '80s, and the mind-blowingly beautiful Andrej Pejic has stomped both men's and women's runways in the here and now. But those are anomalies, right?

Don't tell American Apparel. They just rallied a "transexy" cattle call in their Chelsea Store over Instagram. Publicity? Sure. Pandering to the LGBT customer? They chose the Chelsea location, didn't they?

But maybe we are at a tipping point. Bradley Manning's gender reassignment is only raising eyebrows because he wants the government to pony up for it. And Lana Wachowski's transition barely raised eyebrows at all.

So maybe American Apparel has it right, maybe it's just time. I can buy that. America is nothing if not surprising, and everyone looks good in a tee shirt.

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