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Prince Harry Is Not Impressed by Rick Grimes, Walter White and Others' Issues — GIFs

Sep 11, 2013 | 1:55pm EDT

Prince Harry, GIF2013 Getty Images

On the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 11, Prince Harry took part in a trade for the BGC Partners Charity Day at Canary Wharf in London — an event in memory of those who died during the attacks on the World Trade Center 12 years ago. Harry, realizing the gravitas associated with such an event, made the above face. 

Way to go, Harry. 

Now that we know that Harry is capable of finding the most appropriate, tactful reaction to any significant phone call that may come his way, we thought we'd test him out with the most heart-wrenching telephonic moments from pop culture — in GIFs, of course. 

When Rick Grimes discovered he was talking to his dead wife, Harry was all:


As Sam Baldwin sought solace following a broken heart, Harry just:


It was the last night of Casey Becker's life and Harry was just like:


Harry definitely knows who A is...


And Harry knows that Peggy is no Pizza House.


When Captain Kirk gets really, really, angry, Harry is all:

Harry ain't Jesse, Mr. White!


Colin Farrell is hostage in a phone booth, waxing poetic on the perils of trust, and Harry just:


Harry's fairly certain Alexis has the wrong number. 


And he won't take s**t from nobody — not even Regina George. 


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