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Kate Moss On Sale At Christie's — A Waif at Auction

Sep 16, 2013 | 10:00am EDT


When Christie's London decided to stage its auction of photographs from the collection of Gert Elfering, "A Celebration of Kate Moss," Moss herself was reportedly nonplussed. Auction goers, a little less so. Christie's last set of offerings from Elfering brought $4,273,200. Of course it included a 1968 Richard Avedon of a previous Super Lauren Hutton that fetched $127,000.

There was an Irving Penn in the Moss sale with an estimate topping out at $109,970, which she probably makes for a day's work. So who knows? She is a part of fashion history, although it’s a chapter some are still disturbed by. 

And maybe she actually is a work of art. Still what does it mean when a preeminent auction house thinks the subject of a photograph holds marquee value over the photograph itself? Heroin Chic has finally arrived?

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