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Barker/DJ AM Back Together for Coachella

Apr 17, 2009 | 4:08am EDT

Travis Barker and Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein are teaming up for only the second time since their 2008 plane tragedy to play at the Coachella festival in California on Saturday.

The duo, who perform as TRV$-DJAM, will headline the Sahara Tent bill, even though punk star Barker still has no feeling in his left hand and has been told he's not fit to perform.

The two friends and collaborators escaped with their lives when a private jet they were passengers on failed to clear a runway in South Carolina and burst into flames last September.

Two associates and the two-man pilot crew onboard were killed in the tragedy, which left both Barker and Goldstein with severe burns all over their bodies.

But Barker insists he couldn't give up the chance to perform at Coachella, which is one of his favorite festivals.

He says, "Being able to play music after my 16 surgeries has made me appreciate it more now than ever."

The drummer tells the Press-Enterprise newspaper he underwent surgery on his ulner nerve in his arm in February, but he still has no sensation in his hand.

He explains, "My hand is still numb and I'm hoping eventually the feeling will come back. I'm still supposed to be resting but I couldn't pass on Coachella."

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