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Understanding The Diva Lifestyle Through Mariah Carey's Best Vines

Dec 16, 2013 | 1:00pm EST

Mariah Carey, Instagrammariahcarey/instagram

Mariah Carey has more diva in her pinky finger than most people have in their entire bodies. She is diva incarnate, diva maximus; nobody on this planet can out-diva her. We see it in her music videos, on the red carpet, and we see it on her Instagram page. Her whole lifestyle is so obscenely fabulous, and we are all lucky just to bear witness. The diva lifestyle is a dramatic, complicated, intense movement and it’s not always easy to understand precisely how it all works. Luckily, Mariah Carey has been sharing many-a-Vine on Instagram so that we might all better understand her universe. Here are some of her most divalicious Vines to date.

Mimi Riding Diva

No bubbles in the champagne?! #DivaProblems

Mama Diva And Little Monroe

How does that proverb go? "Train your little diva from the time she is young and when she is old, she will not depart from it." Something like that.

Mariah Preps For Dem Babies’ Birthday Party

Even when members of your glam squad are yanking on your tracks, keep calm and smile like Mimi.

Celebrating The Video Premiere Of Beautiful

Sometimes, the diva lifestyle can get a little cray-cray.

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