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Tis the Season to Tweet: Twitter Roundup

Dec 31, 2013 | 6:00am EST

Taylor Swift ChristmasInstagram

What do you mean the holidays are almost over?! Though not all of us have the luxury of time off this holiday season, we can still reminisce for a second longer a time when we had time to relax for a couple days (aka last week). In their Xmas fever, our favorite stars took to Twitter to share their holiday traditions and celebrations, as we all gear up for the new year that's just around the corner. 

Taylor Swift

I hope Taylor didn't just find out the magic of onesies this year. Onesies are a must for every occasion (here's hoping for formal onesies we can wear to work in 2014)!


Rihanna spent her Christmas watching a play in which Jesus was clearly born in a Lexus and was brought out in his holy car seat to link him with his three wise friends. This version rocks. 

James Franco

How does James Franco manage to look decent even dressed as the Grinch?!

Miley Cyrus

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