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Fox determined not to turn into Britney

Jul 23, 2009 | 7:15am EDT

The beauty shot to fame after starring in global blockbuster Transformers, and regularly tops lists of the sexiest women in the world.

But despite her sudden lurch into the limelight, Fox insists she'll never become fodder for the tabloids - and is determined to follow in the footsteps of low-key Oscar-winners Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis.

She explains to Britain's Heat magazine, "Daniel Day-Lewis is incredibly successful, and he's not being followed by the paparazzi. You put yourself in that position. You never see Nicole Kidman in the tabloids like you see Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

"If I were to go out and make a scene in every club in New York and L.A., eventually I would start getting a lot of press in the tabloids. But is that something I want?".

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