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Aging Cyrus Fan Arrested On Attempted Stalking Charge

Aug 05, 2009 | 9:09am EDT

A crazed Miley Cyrus fan who was recently released by Georgia officials because there was no room for him in jail has been arrested for a second time.

Mark McLeod, 53, was arrested on Tuesday on an attempted stalking charge after he was spotted loitering around the Georgia set location of the teenage superstar's new movie The Last Song.

According to TMZ.com, McLeod admitted he was trying to make contact with the 16-year-old when he was taken into custody, despite previously being warned by cops to stay away from the singer/actress.

McLeod was initially arrested by Tybee Island Police in Savannah, Georgia, in June and booked on two misdemeanor charges for disorderly conduct after he was overheard making "inappropriate comments" to young Cyrus fans.

A police report of that incident suggested the man had "been camping at Tybee for three or four days and that he had observed Cyrus on her balcony, that he sent her special presents and that he (claimed he) was going to marry Cyrus and even invited the (arresting) police officer to the wedding."

He was released after just a day in custody -- a decision that was frowned upon by the local media and lawmakers in California.

Chatham County Sheriff Al St. Lawrence claimed a local jail was too full to hold McLeod and insisted he did not pose a threat to himself, Cyrus or her fans, saying, "If we had heard something about this guy supposedly being a stalker or he had been charged with a felony, he wouldn't have been released..."

But the decision has backfired and McLeod is now being held behind bars at the Columbia County Detention Center.

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