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Hopkins reunites with estranged daughter

Aug 16, 2009 | 5:30am EDT

London-born Abigail is Hopkins' daughter by his first wife, Peta Barker. They were married for four years before divorcing in 1972 when Abigail was just a small child.

Abigail, now 40 and an actress, singer/songwriter and director, dropped out of university as a youngster and was treated for drug addiction.

She once told an interviewer that she blames her father's absence for her problems.

She said, “I came very close to killing myself. The root cause was the fact that my father and I had an intermittent relationship.

Silence of the Lambs star Hopkins, 71, is reportedly overjoyed after he was recently reunited with his daughter in the British capital, where he is working on a new Woody Allen film.

A pal of the actor tells Britain's Sunday Express newspaper that Hopkins will even be hosting a small party for Abigail's birthday on Thursday (20Aug09).

Shortly after leaving Abigail's mother, Hopkins married his second wife, production assistant Jennifer Lynton.

They split in 2002 and he is now married to his Colombian-born third wife, Stella Arroyave.

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