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Sommers ignored Miller's bad press

Aug 19, 2009 | 7:15am EDT

The blonde Brit came under attack from the media and online bloggers following her fling with married U.S. actor Balthazar Getty last year (08) - with public opinion of the star falling so low vandals even spray-painted the word 'slut' outside her London home.

But despite a constant tabloid frenzy surrounding the star's every move, moviemaker Sommers wouldn't allow Miller's media portrayal to prevent him from working with her.

And he's glad he followed his instincts - because he found her to be one of the most "talented" actresses he had worked with.

He tells GQ magazine, "I can't be bothered by all that craziness (media). I mean, people say bad things about me as well, and I know I'm a nice person. You just can't get caught up in all that.

"She's beautiful, she's talented and she's a really sweet person. Yes, she gets hammered but internet haters love to hate. That's their deal. Sienna is a doll; completely professional, no diva behaviour, a terrific actress.".

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