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Twitter Users Loved MTV's Free Beyonce Concert

Aug 25, 2014 | 10:33am EDT

BeyonceGetty Images/Larry Busacca

It's wouldn't be the 2014 MTV VMAs without Beyonce. It's not the VMAs period without Beyonce. Queen Bey arrived Sunday night to take her throne. Beyonce closed out the show with a 20 minute performance. Covering her entire album. People were pretty much losing their minds over it. 

Bey performed her entire album and people were so happy:

People had some serious body worship:

This performance enlightened us to an important fact:


Flawless references, flawless references everywhere:


People were pointing out the importance of her song choices:


People were so happy she was finally performing at the VMAs again:

People needed Nicki to show up:


Professor Snape dropped the mic:

Basically, the VMAs summed up in 1 tweet:

People LOST THEIR MINDS (us too) when this happened:


People might have actually died (or at least stopped breathing):

People absolutely loved her performance:

Were you totally into this performance, or were you already checked out of the VMAs by then? Tweet us your thoughts!

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