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Kidman's dispute with neighbours ahead of sister's wedding

Dec 24, 2009 | 4:00am EST

The Hollywood actress is back in her native country for the holidays with her husband, Keith Urban, and their daughter Sunday Rose.

And Kidman is busy preparing their home in Bunya Hill, New South Wales, ahead of her sister Antonia's nuptials, which are expected to be held there at the end of the month (Dec09).

The star has taken extreme measures to help safeguard their privacy on the big day, erecting a green nylon fence and surrounding the property with fast-growing cypress leylandii saplings, which can reach up to 20 metres (65 foot) high.

But the added security measures, which are reportedly a tactic to keep prying camera lenses away during the ceremony, have infuriated the star's neighbours.

Local residents are unhappy with the "ugly" fence and the newly-planted trees, which many fear could blight the landscape in years to come.

Neighbour Greg Barnsley says, "We respect that Nicole wants her privacy but if she wants trees, let them be Australian ones. She could be gone in a couple of years and then we will be left with them forever. They grow to an enormous height. Yes these ones are small now but they are going to be huge."

TV presenter Antonia Kidman will exchange vows with Craig Marran after accepting his proposal in September (09) - she has four children from her 11-year marriage to Angus Hawley which ended in 2007.

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