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Almodovar snubs muse Cruz for new movie

May 06, 2010 | 5:00am EDT

The director has cast Antonio Banderas in his provisionally titled The Skin I Live In, which will be adapted from Thierry Jonquet's 1999 novel Tarantula, about a vengeful cosmetic surgeon.

He explains, "(It) will be close to a horror film, which was something I really wanted to do as I had never made one, but I will not respect any rules of the genre."

Almodovar admits he has been struggling with the script, but he won't turn to his favourite leading lady Cruz this time around: "If I can finally shoot it, it's because I have been able to solve the huge problems I had with the adaptation. I am stubborn and I could not abandon this story... The more I developed the story, the less I saw her (Cruz) in the role. But it's not important at all. I see her again in many more roles."

Almodovar has worked with the brunette in films including 2006's Volver and last year's (09) critically-acclaimed Broken Embraces.

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