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Lohan turned director's thriller into a real nightmare

May 07, 2010 | 3:30pm EDT

The director has struggled to find employment in Hollywood after filming the flop I Know Who Killed Me - and now he admits his star's personal problems turned a one-month shoot into a four-month headache.

He tells the Los Angeles Times, "Most days we wouldn't know what happened (with her). We just found out that day.

"At some point it became, 'How can I complete the movie?' That was my one and only goal - not to have it fall apart."

Sivertson admits Lohan wasn't even present when he filmed her two characters' climactic scenes in the thriller - and he had to resort to desperate measures to finish the movie.

He tells the newspaper he shot the scene with a body double and then grafted on Lohan's face in post-production.

The 2007 film flopped critically and commercially, making just $7 million (£4.4 million) at the box office.

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