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Crowe and co sing up a storm at Cannes

May 12, 2010 | 3:45pm EDT

Crowe recently revealed he's taking his Robin Hood co-stars to Italy on vacation - and they plan to busk at one of the world's most romantic spots.

And the Oscar winner gave Access Hollywood presenter Tim Vincent a taste of the quartet's vocal skills when they agreed to sing for him at the end of a Cannes interview.

Crowe told Vincent he hopes their busking efforts in Italy are more successful than a recent "busk" in Antibes, France.

He said, "We busked in the streets. We went to a restaurant in Antibes and put on a show for the staff and the other patrons in the alleyway outside... We didn’t make a single franc."

Crowe and castmates-turned-bandmates Alan Doyle, Kevin Durand and Scott Grimes crooned a rendition of Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls for Access Hollywood.

The group was in Cannes for the world premiere of Robin Hood, which opened the film festival.

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