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Eve's pain over Sex movie shoes

May 26, 2010 | 6:15am EDT

The blonde beauty was thrilled to land a role as a nanny working for Kristin Davis' character in the highly-anticipated sequel, but didn't realise the cast's dedication to fashion until she arrived on-set.

Eve was convinced she would be able to remove her painful designer shoes in-between takes - but was shocked to see the main castmembers kept theirs on at all times.

She tells Britain's Daily Record, "They were those shoes, the ones with the really high heels, all day long. I kept expecting them to put on Uggs (flat, sheepskin boots) at some point between takes like everyone else. But no."

And Eve was left in agony after trying out a runway-style walk in her high heels: "I had watched models walking down the catwalk. It looks incredibly easy, just like tennis looks easy. So I copied them - and I had the sorest legs the next day."

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