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Marisa Miller's Banned 'Guitar Hero' Commercial

Jun 16, 2010 | 8:25am EDT

It’s rare for the world of video games to intersect with the modeling world. Most of the time, they’ve got nothing in common. But on the rare occasion they do intersect, one of two things happen: something uniquely amazing, or something just too amazing (re: television unfriendly) that it gets locked up faster than dirt absorbs water.

One of the only times the two worlds have met up and enjoyed a nice pizza pie together is in the marketing campaign for Guitar Hero. Various celebrities have been filmed enjoying the game, like Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez and Tony Hawk. But as far as models go, Heidi Klum used to be the only one who put on her work clothes (get it? Lingerie joke!) and pranced around a house that wasn’t hers, holding a game system that wasn’t hers either.

But today we learned Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller was also filmed playing the game in her underwear. It was considered too “racy for UK TV” (and too racy for USA TV too, because none of us have ever seen it), so was sent to rot in a place where people enjoy riding carousels more than looking at underwear models.

But thankfully, it has surfaced, and is posted below for your enjoyment. If you’d like to compare it to Heidi Klum’s ad, that’s also posted below. But don’t get greedy and ask me for the other versions.

Source: Huffpo

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