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Chelsea Handler Will Host the VMA's

Aug 19, 2010 | 6:46am EDT

chelsea handlerAh yes, we all know what time it is! Kanye's innocent and "Me...We" tweets indicate he's working very hard (like, chaperone the 2nd grade field trip to the apple orchard hard) to get back into our good graces so we'll watch him, or root for him, or not shut our eyes when an MTV camera cuts to him sitting in his seat at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, which are taking place on September 12th. But one thing hasn't changed: the intern who controls the bleep button, and the other dude who sits behind him (who makes sure the first dude's bleeping is comprehensive) will both have lots of work to do this year...because most of the crude or hateful comments will be coming to us by way of a much more outlandish source than Kanye West: they'll be arriving on the vessel known as Chelsea Handler, who will be this year's host.

Chelsea's written three books about alcohol and her sexual escapades (all of which I'm surprised have been read! Wouldn't you rather have your own fun with alcohol and sex as opposed to reading about all the awesome and drunken fun someone else is having in between games TextTwist on your iPhone?), and MTV figures she's had plenty of practice highlighting her own weaknesses...so there's no reason she'd shy away from pointing out what the producers of heavy-on-the-sympathy shows have all been thinking: that Sandra Bullock might've been a little bit oblivious if it took her five years to figure out her husband was a Nazi.

So yes, Handler will be handling the awards. She's only the second woman to host the ceremony (Roseanne Barr hosted it in 1994), and the alcohol jokes about getting Justin Bieber drunk and parading him around in a dress made of his own CD's to test his Mormonism are already needling their ways into my head like baby bedbugs.

Source: MTV News

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