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Rapper T.I. Arrested For Drug Possession

Sep 02, 2010 | 10:07am EDT

t.i.Rapper and Takers star T.I. and his wife went on their merry ways this morning once they posted $10,000 bail after being arrested for drug possession last night in West Hollywood. Hopefully wherever they were going wasn't a potluck dinner! HA!

Clifford Harris Jr. and Tameka Cottle's car was pulled over on Sunset Boulevard after officers smelled marijuana and decided T.I. needed to be punished for the way his movie suddenly and inexplicably beat The Last Exorcism in the box office. The drug charges should be less of a surprise than getting a puppy for Christmas as T.I. is still on probation after spending a year in prison for weapons possession in March of 2009. He was released this past March, and evidently left something in his cell that he'd very much like to get back.

Last night's arrest qualifies as a violation of his parole, which required he not commit any crimes at the federal, state, or local levels, and not be in possession of any controlled substances. It's hard to speculate as to what will happen to him (will he go back to prison? WIll this help his movie stay on top of the box office?). But one thing's for sure: he's wrapped with the rapping! NAILED IT!

Source: People

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