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The Daily Shuffle: Timberlake May Return To Music

Nov 19, 2010 | 9:37am EST

Justin TimberlakeLet’s start with this awesome news. Justin Timberlake’s music career isn’t over; there is still hope, JT fans! He chatted with Ellen DeGeneres on her show (in an episode that will air on Monday) and revealed that he’s “not done” with music. Ladies (and a select number of gentlemen), let us rejoice and bask in this wonderful news. -Buzznet

Daniel Radcliffe’s been lying to us all along. The Harry Potter star stopped by The Early Show and admitted that he’s been fabricating stories about his private life – namely his love life – for the last 10 years. He told the Early Show correspondent that he’s not single now, but I mean, can we really trust him? He’s lied before, and he may lie again. I guess that means you can keep hoping, Potter fans. -Popeater

Russell Brand is off the hook, which is great because despite the gripes my coworkers have about the comedian, I don’t know how long I could last without seeing his constant antics popping up on television and the internet. Brand was busted for thwacking a paparazzo in defense of his then-fiance, Katy Perry, when a photog reportedly attempted to capture a pic of his ladylove’s nether regions at LAX back in September. Since then, after a meeting with a L.A. city attorney about keeping his hands to himself, Russell was sent on his merry way. –E Online

DMX is busted…again. Dude, you were on parole from your assault conviction and you couldn’t keep it together long enough to enjoy your freedom? The worst part? He didn’t even do anything gangsta (I immediately apologize for attempting to use that word). He just forgot to check in with his parole officer. Wow. Not that I condone violence or assault, but if you’re going to be a bad-ass and get sent to jail, that was a pretty lame way to do it. -TMZ

Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s apartment is too accessible to her fans – does she still have those? I thought she only had people who are addicted to watching train wrecks, but what do I know? Betty Ford is supposedly going to let Lohan out for a few off-site visits to find her next home, but I mean is this really a priority? She’s in rehab until 2011, can’t the apartment hunt wait until she, oh I don’t know, works out her crippling addictions? Nah. -TMZ

For once, I agree with news about Jennifer Aniston. Her co-star in the upcoming film Wanderlust, Malin Akerman, recently came to the actresses defense, refuting the desperate, lonely image that the media paints and instead claiming that Jen is “every guy’s dream.” Aww, how sweet.  Are you listening, James Franco?  -People

Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore fame is back again. She calls herselfthe “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” and perhaps Kim’s latest musicalendeavor gave the SI queen some ideas because she’s nowassaulting our ears with a rap single. (What, you thought thatscreeching troublemaker was going to sing to all of yous?) Her new single is titled “I’m Hot.” Wow, (mildly) pretty and (not so) smart, Angelina you’ve really got it all. Take a listen, but be warned that you may experience some intense inner ear pain.  -PopEater

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