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Daily Shuffle: Kelsey Grammer Is Engaged And Not Even Divorced Yet

Dec 07, 2010 | 5:17am EST

kelsey grammer and camille grammerHeadline excellence: "Kelsey Grammer Gets Engaged, Neglects To Divorce Current Wife" (who is in the photo to the right). I hardly have to do anything here, and will personally spend the rest of today making sure this site explodes from so much traffic. - Heckler Spray

Angelina is threatening us with getting older and more private. - People

Reese Witherspoon says Robert Pattinson is extraordinarily attractive, and even compares his popularity to that of Leonardo DiCaprio just after Titanic. I don't care how many sweet southern movies with Patrick Dempsey she does - she is SATANIC. - MTV

Christina Applegate made a Funny or Die video of her pole dancing. She is, incidentally, pregnant. - Funny or Die

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