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Johnny Depp Wants A '21 Jump Street' Cameo

Dec 07, 2010 | 5:30am EST

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp is jonesing for a cameo in Jonah Hill’s upcoming remake of 21 Jump Street – great news, right? Right…except that nobody’s actually managed to ask Depp to sign on. Huh. That’s funny because last month, Jonah Hill said he was hoping the former ‘80s TV star would “Just do it, dude” and he’s said all along that he’s already got a cameo planned out. So my question is, where’s the beef? If Depp’s saying all aboard, then what’s the holdup?

Word to the wise, Mr. Hill. You don’t wait for Johnny Depp to call you; you invite him to the party, and count yourself lucky if he shows up. Hill said the film is going to be a “hard-core, R-rated movie” with his wordsmith stylings and Channing Tatum starring, and considering we know Hill mainly as a funny man, the film’s fate is a little unclear. Honestly, a Depp cameo can only be beneficial to getting more people in theater seats, because who wouldn’t want him to make an appearance? (You'd have a guaranteed ticket sale right here, that's for sure.) Get on it, Jonah, before the swarthy Kentuckian-turned-posh Parisian changes his mind.

Source: MTV

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