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WTF of The Day: Diddy Offers to Whip It Out

Dec 21, 2010 | 9:26am EST

I understand the urge to show up a little tipsy on Chelsea Handler’s late night show; she’s kind of a tough broad and it might make the experience a little easier if you have a little liquid courage. However, if you plan on making the girl wait for a “fucking hour” past the time you were scheduled to show up and waltz in drunk out of your mind, you’d have to expect her to be pretty damn snippy. That’s exactly what happened when Diddy-Dirty Money stopped by Chelsea Lately to promote their new album. The ladies were composed, but front man Diddy sloshed onto the set and fielded some heated commentary from Miss Handler. It was all drunken, awkward fun including what I think was a proposal for a date (?) with Chelsea until Diddy let the alcohol take the wheel and announced “I will pull out my schlong here right now and clear this thing up.”

Take a look at the boozy antics for yourself.

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