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Natalie Portman is Engaged AND Pregnant!

Dec 27, 2010 | 7:28am EST

ALT TEXTAnd that's the sound of single men everywhere crying.

One of the most talented, beautiful, and smartest actresses on the planet is officially off the market. According to People, Natalie Portman is engaged. And on top of that, she's pregnant!

The lucky guy? Choreographer Benjamin Millepied. The couple met during the production of Black Swan, Portman's new film focusing on the life of a ballerina. It has earned her nominations for a Golden Globe and a SAG Award, and it's expected to grab her an Oscar nomination. This will be the first child for Portman, who's 29.

So yeah, sorry guys. She's gone. Time to face reality and find another woman that you have no chance with to think that you have a chance with.

Source: People

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