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Mark Zuckerberg Could Make A Cameo On 'SNL' Tomorrow Night

Jan 28, 2011 | 9:51am EST

mark zuckerbergJesse Eisenberg is set to host SNL tomorrow night and the New York Post reports that the show's producers are looking to convince Mark Zuckerberg to make a cameo. After lining the second driveway with tiki torches so that guests attending tonight's soiree know to enter the house through the side door and not the front, the NYP's "sources" took a break from their preparations and said Zuckerberg is interested in obliging the request because he's looking to prove he has a sense of humor and that he's done complaining how he was misrepresented in The Social Network. Of course, other people are saying SNL isn't pursuing Zuckerberg at all, and that it's just Scott Rudin campaigning for an Academy Award. If Zuckerberg was to show up anywhere, it would be during the monologue, where Eisenberg would haphazardly insist that he's nothing like the real Mark, and then the real Mark would come out and the two of them are wearing the exact same thing because HA! they're just so unlike each other and there has never ever been two people who are more dissimilar than Eisenberg and Zuckerberg. That's the extent of what this will be because there's no way Zuckerberg would participate in anything else, which is really sad because when he wasn't drinking or blogging drunk or writing code in his dorm room at Harvard, he was most definitely playing laser cats.

Source: NYP

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