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Howard Stern Bashes Jay Leno To David Letterman

Feb 04, 2011 | 9:50am EST

We hardly ever think about Howard Stern. We're too busy thinking about Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, and the holistic value of pet food. But in reality, Howard Stern is one of the most powerful human beings alive today. In 2010, he renewed his five-year contract with Sirius XM radio for $400 million. The five-year contract before that earned him $500 million. So even though he's very close to being a billionaire, we're all still hung up on obtaining the Chocolat blu-ray. If you don't like Howard Stern, it's probably because you think he makes too much money. But he doesn't. He makes money, sure, but not too much. His salary was just cut by $100 million and he didn't even freak out about it like Regis Philbin did after his salary was lowered by $2 million. Do you know why? It's because Howard Stern is decent. He's a decent guy whose job it is to make sure truck drivers deliver the 10 trillion tons of salt that are in their trucks by talking to them about vibrators and penis piercings. Would you do that? No, I didn't think so. Could you live without salt? I didn't think so either. I told you Howard was a good guy.

But he's also a good guy because he thinks Jay Leno is just...horrendous. When Stern was on Letterman last night, he remarked how Leno is an absolutely terrible person, and how confusing it is that he continues to beat every other late night show in ratings. He also apologized to Letterman for something that probably had to do with revealing that Letterman cheated on his wife with some of his interns. But hey, oh well, right? They finally set aside their differences and came together in agreement over disgust for Leno, and all was well. Click here for the full clip, where the interview is softened with talk about staring at walls in Montana.

Source: TV Squad

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