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Snooki Gets The Story Book Treatment with 'Snooki in Wonderland'

Feb 23, 2011 | 12:31pm EST

Snooki may have written herself her own little fantasy in her self-inspired book, A Shore Thing, but now she's getting a little more fantasy than she bargained for. Thanks to author and illustrator Phil Edwards and his co-illustrator John Tenniel, we can now understand Snooki's world through the lens of the Lewis Carrol classic, Alice in Wonderland; and boy, is it on point. From descriptions like "Snooki drown in a pool of tears flavored like a cranberry vodka," to The Situation as the Mad Hatter who "talked for hours in strange and cryptic sentences, using words that made little sense," it's kind of amazing how well the story works for the Jersey Shore lunatics. Though I think it's safe to say that whole notion about "mad people" being the "best kinds of people" is complete rubbish in this context.

You can buy the whole book on Amazon for a dollar (really?! yes, really) but take a look at this little preview for now (YOU'RE WELCOME). It's totally worth a dollar. You can live without one more diet coke so you can enjoy this little snack instead.

Snooki In Wonderland

Vinnie Snooki In Wonderland

Source: Snookiinwonderland.com

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