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Daily Shuffle: Charlie Sheen Says He's Getting His Own Show

Feb 25, 2011 | 5:00am EST

charlie sheenI know it's been really confusing keeping up with everything Charlie Sheen has said this week. But it's about to get easier because instead of having to visit all different sources to keep up with all his outrageous comments, soon there will be ONE concrete place where we can go to get our dose of delusion...AND IT'LL BE HBO. Radar Online reports Charlie Sheen says he's very close to getting his own show on the cable network, which would consist of 10 episodes and "will focus on the truth and the absurd." BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND NOT THE SAME AT ALL. - Radar Online

More pictures of how extensively Chris Brown beat up Rihanna have become available online. So, check it out, I guess? But the people who watched Two and a Half Men will probably get the most out of it. - Mediatakeout

David Arquette still wants to be with Courteney Cox. In an interview with Oprah yesterday, he said, "I'd love for it to work out. We truly love each other with all our hearts...Whether it's as friends or as husband and wife, I know that I'll be with her my whole life." - The Press Association

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