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Daily Shuffle: Ryan Phillippe Will Take Paternity Test

Mar 15, 2011 | 5:38am EDT

ryan phillippeAfter reports surfaced that Ryan Phillippe might be the father of his ex-girlfriend's baby, he has supposedly told his friends he will "gladly" take a paternity test once birth is given. He would not submit to one before birth is given, which TMZ understood because they already know prenatal paternity tests come with a slight risk of miscarriage, and TMZ said their buddy Ryan probably wouldn't want that. - TMZ

Kacey Jordan, one of Charlie Sheen's porn stars, tried to kill herself last night. She tweeted that she took a bunch of pills and drank alcohol and was waiting to die, and when law enforcement officials found cuts on her arms, she told them the whole thing was a publicity stunt. - TMZ

After some pretty terrible tweets making fun of the tsunami in Japan, Gilbert Gottfried has been fired from his job as the spokesperson of Aflac. - CNN

Here is Snooki's appearance on WWE Raw last night. - NYM

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