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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Release Anti-Slavery PSAs

Apr 12, 2011 | 10:28am EDT

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have released a series of PSAs to promote awareness of child sex slavery and human trafficking, and for their organization that fights to combat both. However, the ads are completely weird (as you will soon see). Now, since we probably don't spend enough time thinking about child sex slavery or human trafficking, in a way it's good these ads have been created. But it's bad that they don't make sense and do nothing but show us how easy it is for a celebrity to contact another celebrity on a Saturday.

The premise of the ad is (I assume) that "Real Men" don't buy children for sex or participate in human trafficking. I'm sure we're all inclined to agree that that is an accurate statement (although it's pretty weird to compliment someone's masculinity just because they can restrain themselves from fucking kids). But here's where the message gets muddled -- instead of filming clips that show men taking a stand against those two issues, Demi and Ashton had Sean Penn using an iron, Justin Timberlake shaving his face, and Jamie Foxx opening and drinking a beer while he watched The Apprentice. The kicker is that besides the understanding that Timberlake, Penn and Foxx are supposed to be considered as "Real Men," their actions of shaving, making grilled cheese using an iron and using a TV remote to open a beer have no connection to sex with kids or human trafficking. In order to convey how those lifestyles are wrong, Timberlake, Penn, and Fox would have to directly denounce those who engage in the systematic rape of children (a topic, I think you'll also agree is worthy of such serious discussion and flat-out condemnation). But what we were given was a collection of videos that show how men behave when no one else is around. In other words, the problem with the ads is this: though showing that real men cannot do things for themselves is true, it doesn't raise awareness for any cause.

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