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The Daily Shuffle: Charlie Sheen Loses A Goddess

Apr 19, 2011 | 5:10am EDT

charlie sheen and bree olsonBree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen's Goddesses, has left Charlie in the midst of his tour and has returned to her hometown in Indiana. She told TMZ that she planned to return promptly, and the reason why she had to leave Charlie and the other Goddess was because she had to appear at a court hearing regarding her DUI. - TMZ

Lindsay Lohan is preparing to ask Judge Sautner (who will preside over the case against her regarding grand theft charge) if it would be at all possible to postpone this Friday's hearing because it is Good Friday, and Lindsay plans to observe it. But even if a postponement is granted, Lindsay will still have to go to court to hear Sautner's formal ruling on Friday anyway. I suppose it's fine that she wants to observe Good Friday, but it's curious as to how she only realized LAST WEEK that her preliminary hearing would fall on Good Friday, especially since this hearing has been in her schedule since early March. - Radar

Kate Hudson described pregnancy as, "Wonderful. You do get the pregnant mush-brain...you know what it's like? It's like being stoned." MTV's 16 and Pregnant is going to have to up their "you better have your shit together before you love without a glove" message now! - Extra 

Lady Gaga talked about the times when she's been negatively received and said, "If you want me to be a manufactured act, you can fuck off." And on how she's similar to John Lennon: "I am perpetually unhappy with what I create. Even though I might tell you that 'Edge of Glory' is a pop masterpiece, when it's all said and finished there will be things I dread, and every time I listen to it I'll hear them...In John Lennon's Playboy interview he talked about how he hated certain songs because of they way they were finished. And they might be my favorite songs, but Lennon couldn't listen to them." - NME

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