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Mildred Baena Speaks Out

Jun 14, 2011 | 7:55am EDT

mildred baenaFrom the time we learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair with his housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena, two other women have spoken out in the media and claimed that they also had affairs with the former governor of California. Baena herself, however, has kept quiet throughout the media's extensive coverage of Schwarzenegger's other indiscretions and whether or not Maria Shriver will choose to divorce him. But something must have happened to change Baena's mind about staying silent because this morning, an interview she gave to Hello! magazine was published. It also features a picture of her and the son she had with Arnold, marking the first time the public has seen what he looks like.

The majority of Hello!'s article cannot be viewed online, but a few snippets about when Arnold realized he was the father of Baena's son, and how Maria Shriver reacted to the knowledge that her husband fathered a child behind her back. On when she realized that Arnold was the father of her son, she said "It was as Joseph grew and I started to see the resemblance that I wondered -- but it became more apparent as time went on. I knew Arnold was the father, and maybe as Joseph got older and began to look like him, he [Arnold] wondered. But he never said anything to me." Regarding Shriver, Baena said she would say she would be there if Baena wanted to talk and that one day, she asked "point blank" if Joseph was Arnold's son. Baena said, "She was so strong. She cried with me and told me to get off my knees. We held each other and I told her it wasn't Arnie's fault, that it takes two." (That is really dirty and gross.)

Baena also said she wishes Arnold and Maria the best, and that she hopes they can work through this tough time. It doesn't look like they can, but you know. Housekeepers can wish.

Source: Hello!

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