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Daily Shuffle: Chelsea Handler Joke Offends Serbia

Jun 24, 2011 | 5:28am EDT

chelsea handlerHas Chelsea Handler taken her comedic role one step too far?  During a taping of her show Chelsea Lately earlier this week, the comedian made a few jokes regarding Amy Winehouse's failed comeback tour in Belgrade.  No surprise there -- Winehouse kinda set herself up for that.  But then Handler went on to insinuate that the entire country of Serbia was a "disappointment."  She read the statement of Serbian Defense Minister, Dragan Sutanovac, who said that the concert was a shame and disappointment.  Sure enough, Handler went right for the jugular and remarked in response to that statement, "Guess what? So is your country."  Since that remark Serbian people are out for the E! host's blood and demand that she apologize.  They even created a Facebook page to boycott Handler unless she says she's sorry for her remarks.  So far, Handler has yet to comment about the issue on Twitter or anywhere else.  Geez, looks like somebody can't take a joke.  This woman is known for her blatant and ridiculously loud mouth.  It's what makes her hilarious and people love her for it.  If you start monitoring her behavior then you lose the essence of her outrageous personality.  It's just a joke people, take it easy. - THR

Beiber fever has been taken to a whole new level.  Justin Bieber attended a promotional event at Macy's in New York City yesterday, but there was a security breech...or so they thought.  When the crowd became unruly, a plainclothes police officer stepped in to help the singer.  Not knowing the man was a cop, Beiber's security team grabbed the cop and tried to pull him away, thinking he was a crazed fan (he wasn't in uniform after all).  After the officer identified himself he cited a member of the security team with disorderly conduct.  The pop singer appeared to be shaken by the misunderstanding, but continued with the event.  He was probably just confused why his security team was getting punished for doing their job.  What a crazy world we live in. - Access Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan escaped the iron bars of jail yet again yesterday after testing positive to an alcohol test, but she wants everyone to know she's serious about her recovery and insists that she's sober.  Lohan claims that she tested positive due to her favorite kombucha tea.  The fermented drink contains less than 0.05 percent alcohol, but may have caused the positive test results to alcohol.  Oh good, and I was worried she was going to use a lame excuse.  This drink has caused Lohan some problems in the past as well.  In March she was spotted drinking the tea and and it was reported the "alcoholic" drink was added as an infraction on her probation report.  Here's a crazy idea -- stop drinking the tea!  For someone who is being as carefully monitored as she is, you'd think she would want to stay away from anything associated with alcohol.  Seems like this sneaky actress has found a nice scapegoat to use whenever they find alcohol in her system.  Next she'll be blaming cough syrup. - Popeater

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