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Mila Kunis Hires Butt Double for 'Friends With Benefits'

Jul 22, 2011 | 11:19am EDT

mila kunisApparently Mila Kunis had an issue showing off her assets in her upcoming flick with Justin Timberlake, Friends With Benefits.  But unfortunately for her, the script called for nudity. So how was she allowed to sign on for a movie without agreeing to flash her bottom? Quite simply, actually -- she hired a butt double for those up-close booty shots!

Kunis fessed up to Ryan Seacrest's radio show and admitted that although she's not showing off her own derriere, that doesn't mean she's won't be giving viewers an above-the-belt peep show.  Mila explained to Ryan, "I showed side boob and I figured I can't just give away everything all at once ... I gotta let it all out in little pieces here and there."  I guess it's an idea I can get behind...don't want to give up the goods too early.  And even though she wasn't baring all of herself in the film, that doesn't mean she didn't have a hand in picking out who the lucky butt double would be.  The actress, along with the director and make-up artist held a casting call to select the right candidate for the job -- a Butt Audition if you will.  Bottom line...they got mooned by a bunch of people.  Well now I have to go see this movie to see who the lucky winner was.

Source: Huffington Post

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