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Leonardo DiCaprio Tops Forbes' List of Highest-Paid Actors

Aug 02, 2011 | 10:43am EDT

leonardo dicaprioMoney may not be able to buy love, but love can turn to fame and fame can certainly get you money -- to a vast extent. Some of Hollywood's hunkiest actors have more than their insanely good looks to help keep them warm at night...they also have enormous paychecks for all their blockbuster hits. But which actors and just how big are those bills? Wonder no longer! Forbes released its list of top paid actors for the time between May 2010 and May 2011, with the biggest names in Hollywood populating the top of the list.

Leading the pack is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio taking in $72 million in the last year. DiCaprio was ranked fifth last year and now he's number one (no wonder Blake Lively likes him so much). This guy certainly has come a long ways from just been a teen heartthrob in the widely successful movie Titanic. This actor has taken his movie career in strides and broadened his range to genres outside of the romance realm including blockbuster hits such as Inception and Shutter Island.

Coming up behind him in second place is our usual first place champion, the dreamy Johnny Depp with $50 million. We've got the top five actors below, but for the full list or click here.

#1 - Leonardo DiCaprio ($72 million)

#2 - Johnny Depp ($50 million)

#3 - Adam Sandler  ($40 million)

#4 - Will Smith  ($36 million)

#5 - Tom Hanks ($35 million)

Source: Huffington Post, Forbes

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