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Steve Urkel Stars As Cee Lo Green in 'Cry Baby' Music Video

Aug 09, 2011 | 6:30am EDT

If any of you were like me growing up, you couldn't wait for Friday night's TGIF shows every week. Full House, Boy Meets World -- I loved them all, especially the highly popular show, Family Matters, which had everyone falling in love with the nerd next door. Now it seems like our suspender-wearing, four-eyed favorite has moved on from Laura Winslow and become quite the heart breaker in the latest Cee Lo Green music video, Cry Baby. Cee Lo made a wise move in having Urkel -- I mean, Jaleel White -- star as the artist himself in this all-singing, all-dancing music video that leaves you nostalgic for those Friday night shows. His suave demeanor has all the ladies swooning and seeing a completely different side of this TGIF alum. But if you're looking for any former Urkel traits or famous one-liners like "Did I do that?" you will be left disappointed. Our glorified geek is all grown up and ready for new love. Check out our favorite geek like you've never seen him before:

Source: E Online

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