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'Jersey Shore's' The Situation To Be Like Leonardo DiCaprio and The Rock

Aug 09, 2011 | 10:46am EDT

mike sorrentinoMike Sorrentino wants to be more than just the godfather of reality television, he wants to hit A-list celeb status. Mike -- also known as The Situation -- has come a long way since working at a gym in Staten Island, having now filmed four seasons of the MTV hit Jersey Shore. He's capitalized well on his fame thus far by launching workout DVDs, a self-help book (really?), and promoting a brand of protein vodka, among many other endorsements. But Sorrentino hopes to keep climbing that Hollywood success ladder and to make more of a name for himself.

The reality star has made it no secret of his fame hungry ways (we all remember his tragic Dancing With The Stars stint), but he has much higher ambitions as far as his long term career goals. In an interview with InTouch magazine, Mike divulges that "Obviously, I look up to [Robert] De Niro and [Al] Pacino, and for someone who's closer in age Leo [DiCaprio] -- I'd eventually like to make great movies someday...but I'm trying to go in a trajectory similar to The Rock, who took his bold personality and phrases from the WWE into film." Well anything is possible in Hollywood -- Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians have taught us that much. and it looks like he's making strides in turning these dreams into reality: he's set to have a cameo in the upcoming film, The Three Stooges, and has a development deal for another MTV reality show. Look out world -- we have quite The Situation on our hands.

Source: Huffington Post

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