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Matthew Fox of 'Lost' Arrested in Cleveland

Aug 29, 2011 | 7:25am EDT

All you Lost fans better find another person to tie a tourniquet for you in an emergency, because Matthew Fox doesn't deserve to have the pleasure. The actor was arrested early this morning in Cleveland for apparently punching a woman in the chest and in the stomach. The Hollywood Reporter was able to get its hands on a police report that maintains Fox tried to "hitch a ride" to his hotel on a private party bus, but the driver (a 29 year old woman) blocked him from boarding the bus and informed him that the vehicle had been rented out and was not about to take on any new passengers (especially ones who said they were never going to star on another television show). Not willing to admit defeat, Fox allegedly socked the woman in the chest and stomach, before then enduring a fist to his mouth. The woman reportedly believed that she'd broken her hand (in the coolest way possible, but still).

TMZ reports Fox was released without being "formally arrested," so that might mean the woman decided not to file charges against him. Police released him to a friend, who then escorted him back to his hotel via taxi. So yes, this means he clocked a woman twice because there just weren't any taxis anywhere. And he really wanted one.

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Sources: THR, TMZ

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