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Watch 'Jersey Shore's' Snooki Deliver The News

Sep 01, 2011 | 6:19am EDT

There's more to Snooki than meets the eye. For those of you out there who think she's just this club-hopping, tanning obsessed, drink crazed, party girl from Jersey Shore that likes to smush...you would be right, BUT she also takes time off from all those things long enough to give us her point of view on current events and real world issues. That's right, the little orange ball of sunshine made her debut as a news anchor on Cambio, an AOL-owned entertainment site for teens, and man was it informative. It seems like Snooki's got a knack for reporting, which according to her is something she's always wanted to do and hello, she looks hot doing it. Whether she's discussing the scary effects of Hurricane Irene, commenting on global warming, or sharing her skepticism about a dog that can do math, she always leaves us with something to think about. So look out Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric -- you've got some Shore competition.

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Source: NY Mag

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