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Regis Philbin Announces His Last Day On 'Live With Regis and Kelly'

Sep 06, 2011 | 10:43am EDT

Our mornings will never be the same again. Last January, our favorite male daytime talk show host, Regis Philbin, announced that he would be making his final curtain call on Live With Regis and Kelly sometime later this year, but he never gave us a date. This morning though, the show kicked off its new season with some rather sad news, which was that Regis' last day would be on November 18th. The 80 year-old host's announcement was met by a number of sad murmurs and groans of disapproval. It goes without saying that this TV icon will surely be missed.

Regis will be leaving the show on quite the high note since his departure will be smack in the middle of fall sweeps, which will pretty much guarantee a big ratings boost. He will spend the remaining time on the show doing what he does best -- cracking jokes. Before announcing the exact date of his departure, Philbin teased his fans, saying, "Last January I made the announcement that I'll be moving on, but I never gave you an exact date. So I'm pushing it back five years. Just kidding." He also was quick to take a few playful jabs at his co-host Kelly Ripa, saying that she's on the lookout for a "new, young, hot" male co-host to take his place (Kelly responded with, "Alive and breathing is what we're talking about."). No one will be able to fill that big Regis hole in our hearts though. We hoped his departure was all a bad dream and we prayed that he'd eventually change his mind, but it looks like his decision to leave is his final answer.

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Source: E!

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