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Lily Allen Claims She Could've Died Like Amy Winehouse

Sep 09, 2011 | 6:22am EDT

Lily Allen may not be as well known as Amy Winehouse, but it turns out the two actually have more in common than you would think. Allen -- who is married with a child on the way -- decided to open up and talk about the time she had with Amy and admits that she may have come close to having the same tragic fate as her friend. The singer confesses, "I've had nights out with Amy and know exactly what used to go on. It's so easy to get caught up in that madness." But Allen considers herself lucky to have escaped the same demons that haunted her tragic friend and thinks that "I've been strong enough to walk away."

Apparently Lily's friends saw many similarities between the two singers as well since they seemed just as relieved that she didn't meet the same tragic end. Allen goes on to say that, "When Amy died, I got several texts from friends saying they were really glad I was still here, that I hadn't died too." She adds that the Back To Black star "had become a cartoon character of herself." Let's hope this will be a lesson to all aspiring artists of the temptations that emerge within this industry and is a story that can emphasize how important it is to think twice before heading down the wrong path.

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Source: The Sun

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